Carbon Monoxide From Generator Kills 2, One Hospitalized

Two men are dead and a woman remains hospitalized after they were exposed to carbon monoxide poisoning from a gasoline powered generator.

Firefighters say it happened inside a warehouse in Fresno's Tower District.

Darrell Pretzr owns the warehouse and is an advocate for the homeless.

For the last few months, Pretzr said he allowed his friends to stay warm and sleep inside the building.

Tuesday morning he checked on them.

"I looked in back and I saw [one of the men] lying down on the ground in the back," Pretzr said. "Went back and I touched him and shook him and he was stiff. I knew he was gone."

And just a few feet away he found his other friend dead as well.

A woman was also found inside.

She was rushed to the hospital, and is critical, but stable condition, officials said.

Pretzr said he told the two to keep the generator outside.

James Hampton a friend of pair said, "Man, he loved God and had a real heart for people, he will be missed, he will really be missed."

Firefighters say PG&E recently turned off the power to the warehouse and the men might have been concerned about the generators noise during the night and brought it indoors.

Fresno fire fighters say that last year they responded to more than 590 carbon monoxide calls in the city.

They say many don't realize each home must be equipped with a carbon monoxide detector, it's the law.