Car Windows Smashed In Clovis Crime Spree

Nearly two dozen car windows were smashed overnight in Clovis, now police need the public's help finding the vandals.

Police got about 20 calls Sunday from people who live in neighborhoods east of Sunnyside and south of Herndon.

All complained about the same thing - their car windows were smashed.

"My husband got up probably around 7:30 to get the newspaper, that's when he saw glass all over the concrete," said Kathy, whose rear windshield was shattered.

She thinks it happened in the early morning hours, because she says she heard her dog barking before dawn.

Turns out the vandals went on a crime spree that spanned several miles.

"Nothing was stolen thankfully," said Jared Rice, a back window of his SUV was smashed.

Police say no one reported anything stolen out of the cars.

But for car owners, it feels like money stolen out of their pockets.

"Busting out a $400 window that's pretty tough. I got three kids. We got to pay for their antibiotics out of pocket, that's pretty tough," said Rice.

Jared thinks the vandals may be a group of teens up to no good.

"I hope whoever did it, I forgive them, but I hope they learned their lesson. It's not the humane thing to do, to cause monetary pain on anyone else," said Rice.

Neighbors say there isn't usually trouble on their streets, but after this, they'll be looking out for the vandals and for each other.

"Neighbors came out, and we said we're all going to be very watchful about what's going on in the neighborhood, get each other's numbers to do a neighborhood watch," said Kathy.

Police say the vandals caused more than $5,000 worth of damage during their overnight spree.

Anyone with video or information in this case, is asked to call the Clovis Police department at (559) 324-2800.