Car Thief Drags Police Officers

Two Fresno police officers are recovering after being dragged by a car officers say was driven by a known car thief.

Police were called out to Figarden and Gates Avenue around 6 a.m. after a security officer noticed a man passed out inside a car.

When officers walked up to the car, 27-year-old Juan Alaniz suddenly woke up, stepped on the gas and drove away, officers said.

The two officers were caught by surprise.

One was thrown back, the other hung to the side of the car and was dragged several feet.

The car then crashed into a fence at a nearby apartment complex.

Officers say Alaniz tried to run away, but was quickly caught.

He now faces charges of driving under the influence and driving a stolen car.

Police also found a knife in the car.

Alaniz and the officers were taken to the hospital.

The officers are expected to be OK.