Car Stolen With 5 Year Old Inside, Found By City Manager

A valley woman leaves her car running while she runs inside to pay a bill, just enough time for a crook to steal her car.

Inside the car, was the mother's 5-year-old son.

It happened just after 3 o'clock Wednesday afternoon.

The mother ran into Chavez Insurance to pay a bill when her 10-year-old daughter came running up saying someone was stealing the car.

Veronica Argueta works for Chavez Insurance.

Argueta says, "The daughter came in saying someone was stealing the vehicle, the insured ran outside and saw someone taking the vehicle, and screamed that her son was in there."

About an hour later, Selma City Manager D-B Heusser was on his way to an appointment; he had heard about the stolen car.

D-B spotted it about two miles north of Selma, parked on the side of the road in the back seat; the 5-year-old boy was crying.

Nearby farmer, Randy Coolidge had just arrived home.

He says D-B asked him to call police.

Randy Coolidge says, "D-B is great, he just asked me the address and I gave him the address and the city is lucky to have him."

With the help of the Sheriff Department chopper, police spotted some tracks leading away from the car, but didn't find the crook.

If and when the car thief is found, police say they'll arrest him for ripping off the car and he could face kidnapping charges as well.