Truck Slams Into Subway, Sandwich Maker Helps Victims

A Hanford Subway restaurant is boarded up after a pickup truck, driven by an unlicensed driver, slammed into it Friday afternoon.

The crash sent six people to the hospital.

A sandwich-maker came to the rescue, and it all makes sense after you get to know him.

Jim Randell says, "It was a big pickup too, a due lee come flying through the window."

Jim was inside making sandwiches with a co-worker, when out of the corner of his eye he saw the truck headed their way.

Randall says. "She was behind me and I got her in front of her. So if anything comes through its going to hit me instead of her. She is a young kid and she doesn't deserve it.

After Jim was able to help his employee over the gate, he then tended to some of the people hurt in the accident.

Randall says, "I started moving her and she said my back, so I said okay just lay there don't move they are coming."

Vincent Patrick says, "He did a very courageous job pulling them out, He actually scarified himself to move her out of the way.

So what exactly happened?

Police say the truck was traveling east bound on Grangeville toward 11th street, when the driver suffered an unknown medical condition. His passenger reached over tried to put the truck from drive into neutral. But instead he went all the way into reverse. At full speed the truck went up the curb, hit a parked car, and directly into the Subway filled with people.

Police say 6 people including the driver of the truck, Tanner Nichols were rushed to the hospital.

Police say Nichols was driving without a license.

Workers say it could have been much worse, just about an hour earlier the shop was filled with high school kids for lunch.

Reporter asks, "What do you think of people calling you a hero?"

Jim says, "No, no I'm not a hero not even, just looking out for my employees that's all."

Jim Randell, is a very humble man.

By the way Jim served his country in the Vietnam War, and was awarded two purple hearts.