Homes Evacuated After Car Slams Into Clovis Home

A car slammed into a Clovis house Monday evening causing a dangerous gas leak.

The accident happened at Ashlan Avenue and Clovis Avenue. During the accident the driver hit the home's gas meter head on rupturing it. Firefighters say they had to evacuate six homes for several hours.

There is a lot of damage to the house. A big piece of the west wall is missing and there are large cracks on the side of the house. The home is vacant and no one was inside at the time of the accident. However, the accident could have been a lot worse, because the driver almost hit a neighbor.

"I walked outside to get the trash can," says Shawn O'Brien.

At the exact same time Shawn went outside the driver came around the curve.

"He hit the trash can, jumped the neighbor's palm tree and landed in their yard," adds Shawn, "He hit the house over there."

Shawn says the man driving the car took the curve too fast.

"He jumped at least 4 feet high off the ground, off my driveway, so he was airborne quite a bit," says Shawn.

After the accident Shawn heard a hissing sound. It was the sound of gas leaking. When the driver hit the house he ran right into the gas meter.

"I was just concerned about an explosion," adds Shawn.

Firefighters evacuated Shawn and several of his neighbors. Jeff Campbell lives across the street.

"Hopefully it doesn't blow up," says Jeff, "It's a little scary if you know the fact that it could blow up."

Jeff knows of at least 2 other accidents.

"The house has had some trouble, because of the curve right there," says Jeff, "It hit the house and then the tree right there."

Shawn worries that this latest accident won't be the last one. He says he wants something done, so he won't be forced out of his house again.

"They should maybe put some bumps in every once in a while down the street, because it's an ongoing thing," adds Shawn.

The driver was treated for minor injuries, but he was not taken to the hospital.