Car Crashes Into Apartment, Boy Pinned

A Fresno man saves a boy who was pinned inside a southeast apartment, after a car loses control and crashes into the complex

Witnesses say it happened so fast.

The driver of the car jumped the curb and crashed into the bedroom of the apartment.

Family says the 2-year old boy was asleep inside.

Neighbor Johnny Castillo heard the crash, ran over, and got the 2-year-old boy out.

Castillo says the car pushed most of the bedroom furniture on top of the boy.

Johnny Castillo says, "All I heard was some skidding, and the car was in there. I ran to the front and got the little 2-year old boy out. He was crying and he was more scared and got a little concussion on his head."

Police say the boy was rushed to the hospital but is expected to be okay.

Meanwhile his family could not be more thankful, especially to Mr. Castillo.

Officers say the search for the driver continues.

Police say when he or she is caught, the driver is facing felony hit and run charges.