Cancer Strikes South Valley Family 9 Times

Katie Flenory of Visalia has been battling thyroid cancer for the past two years.{}

But the battle isn't one that is new to her. Flenory is one of nine people in her family to be diagnosed with cancer.

"It doesn't seem right, but it's true, it's true," Flenory said.{} "All of us, everyone of us and there's nine of us all of us have cancer. All of us."

The eight, Flenory says, have battled thyroid, breast and kidney cancer.{}

She's created a sign to call attention to her family's cancer but she's only taken to the streets once.

"I pray and ask god to heal me and I pray and ask him to let me wake up in the morning," she said.

Katie's siblings aren't as open as she is and requested{} they not be part of the story. She said that she is at a loss for how nine members of the family could have gotten cancer.

Flenory's father died of throat cancer in 1988, 22 years after the family moved to Visalia.

On Friday, Flenory will undergo a full body scan at Kaweah Delta Hospital in Visalia. She's hoping her luck changes and she's cancer free.{}{}{}

"We've got to beat this.{}We can't let it beat us,"she said.