Campers Kicked Out Of Yosemite Due To Government Shutdown

The government shut down means Yosemite is closed and campers are being kicked out of the National Park.

A large sign at Yosemite's entrance says that due to the government shutdown the park is closed until further notice. The closure has disappointed tourists, especially the ones that traveled halfway around the world.

"All we can do is make do with what we can," says Marco Clark from New Zealand, "You can't stress over it."

Inside Yosemite trails to major attractions such as Half Dome are blocked off. Shuttles and tour buses are not running.

Campers have until 3pm Thursday to leave the park. After Thursday people can only drive through Yosemite on Highway 41, Highway 140 and Highway 120.

600 Yosemite employees are on furlough. 150 people are still working in the park; they include forest rangers, fire fighters, EMS, and search and rescue crews.