California Highway Patrol Officer Injured After Flipping His Patrol Car Over

A California Highway Patrol Officer is recovering after accidentally flipping his patrol car over.

The accident happened Monday afternoon on Highway 180 just west of Hills Valley Road near Squaw Valley.

Investigators say the C.H.P. Officer was driving his patrol car on Highway 180 in the Foothills when he saw another driver speeding. The officer slowed down and tried to turn around on the dirt shoulder, but the car's tires lost traction and the patrol car flipped over.

A firefighter and off-duty Fresno County Sheriff's Deputy made it to the accident first and helped the injured officer.

When another Sheriff's Deputy arrived, Officers say he secured the 49 year-old's duty weapons, including a sidearm, AR-15 rifle, and a shotgun.

The 49 year-old Officer was airlifted to CRMC in Fresno with minor injuries.

C.H.P. is investigating the accident.