California Gun Control Laws: A Close Look

California has some of the toughest firearm laws in the country. We take a look at what it takes to legally arm yourself in the wild west.

Buying a handgun in California is no simple task.

It requires registration, a safety certificate, a 10-day waiting period and a rigorous background check.

All direct person-to-person sales are banned and concealed carry permits are rare. The state routinely redefines and bans so-called assault weapons, outlaws selling high capacity magazines, limits the number of firearms purchased by individuals, forbids open carrying and has strict BB gun and toy gun regulations.

California is the most gun controlled state in the country, number one. Now, with an entirely democratic controlled government, the golden state is moving to enact even more restrictions. Some politicians want to regulate all ammunition sales, requiring background checks and annual permits.

Democratic State Senator Leland Yee's bill aims to ban a feature that he says makes some guns, like this AR-15 rifle, easier to reload, "what we're trying to do with our bill is to basically ban that particular weapon because it is in fact a loophole in the assault weapon ban."

Gun owners say lawmakers are over-reaching and trying to assert power. One gun owner says, "they know that as long as there is armed populace in the state, they will never control the people the way they want to control them."

Gun owners vow to lobby state lawmakers here, rally citizens across the state, and take their fight to court if need be. Other states will be watching closely to see how far California can bump up against the second amendment, and whether any new gun control laws can actually make a difference.