Ready To Pay More For Gas? Tax Increase Goes Into Effect

When you fill up at the pump you're going to be paying more. A 3.5-cent gas tax increase is now in effect and it means California has the highest gas tax in the country.

"I don't like it," says Florence Hughes, "It's expensive enough as it is."

People at the pump aren't the only ones who are mad. On the KMPH Facebook page talk about the tax hike shot up with people wondering why the state legislature bypassed voters and got the tax raised using a state agency.

Tami says "I'm upset! It's another instance where our right to vote and be heard is lost."

Adam shares "Taxation without representation. Hmm...Sounds familiar."

People filling up their cars Monday say they don't want to be nickel and dimed.

"The way I see it is as gas keeps rising our family is going to have more and more trouble paying for it," says C.J. Taggett.

"It really adds up over time, especially if you have to fill up multiple times," adds Michael Kiefer.

People say they are worried that paying more pennies now will add up to a lot more dollars over time.

"I drive up and down the hill to Schaefer for work almost every day, so it really adds up for me," says Kiefer.

Drivers say that puts on them on the tricky road of trying to find where they can make even more cuts in their already stretched budgets.

"It's very difficult and I try to minimize the driving as much as possible," adds Taggett.{}

"I'll cut down on extra things and look for the savings at the grocery store," says Kiefer, "Different things like that; definitely don't drive around for pleasure that much, that's for sure."

If you're wondering why the gas tax has been raised, the state says it's because of a shortfall in gas tax revenue. Another reason is people aren't using as much gas, because of fuel efficient cars.