Cal Fire Strike Teams From Valley Headed To Southern California

Strong winds and dry brush continue to fuel the flames in the Southern California wildfires. But help is on the way. Cal Fire crews from all across the valley are on their way down south. KMPH Fox 26 News caught up with a strike team made up of Cal Fire crews from Madera, Mariposa and Merced counties. Fire fighter Chris Bernard says, "I called my wife about an hour ago and said I got to hit the road. She understands." Fire fighter Raul Garza says, "Anything can happen at a given time. We can get down there to do one assignment and it can quickly change. So you got to be very mobile." The 5 engine strike teams with 16 fire fighters don't know when they will return to the valley, but they will make sure no one is left behind. Garza says, "Of course our job is to go and fight fires but our number one priority to safety. We are all looking out for each other and we all want to come home back to our families." Late Wednesday night, KMPH Fox 26 News learned even City of Fresno Fire Fighters will send a strike team down to Southern California.