Buzz Grows Over Upcoming Presidential Visit

While details about President Obama's visit are being kept under wraps, that's not keeping people from making plans to catch a glimpse of the Commander-in-Chief while he is in Fresno on Friday.

Cynthia Trujillo of Fresno plans to hang around the Fresno Airport Friday.

At least three days a week, she brings her grandchildren to see the planes that take off and land.

"They love it!" she says.

But Friday will be special.

She hopes to see Air Force One.

"I'd like to see what it looks like!" she says.

But for now, Marine helicopters and other military aircraft will have to do.

They landed Wednesday morning, set for President Obama's visit.

He's expected to board one of them, during his trip to the Central Valley.

"We wanted to get him here to the valley for so long," says Gloria Brown.

She is the President of the Madera Chapter of the NAACP.

She hopes to see him during his visit.

If she does, it would be her second time.

She traveled to Washington, D.C. last January, for President Obama's Inauguration.

"It's the most exhilarating thing in my life," she says. "Just to be there in that environment, in that atmosphere, all the people that were enjoying themselves... the highest heights I could have imagined."

This time around, there won't be pageantry.

Brown knows President Obama is coming for a very serious matter.

In this case, water.

"I'm a former field worker. I worked in the grape harvest and the cotton crops. I've seen the hardships that families have gone through- and are still going through because of the water. It's so important to all of us. They need to hear us," she says.

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