BUSTED - Fresno Police Say Man Selling Stolen Dirt Bike On Craigslist

A Madera man is behind bars after Fresno police say the thief sold officers a stolen dirt bike that they tracked down online.

Police say the woman whose dirt bike was stolen a few weeks ago was searching Craigslist when she saw her bike for sale. Officers say she called police to tell them that she saw her dirt bike on the popular website. So, police say they set up an undercover sting.

Fresno Police Sergeant Tim Tietjen says officers contacted the Craigslist seller and went to his Madera home to check out the dirt bike. Tietjen says officers checked to make sure that the dirt bike was the one stolen in Fresno. Once officers confirmed that the bike had the same vehicle identification number as the one stolen, they bought the bike. Once the sales transaction was complete officers moved in to arrest Julio Nunez.

Fresno Police say Nunez ran a chop shop, because officers found motorcycles, engines and other pieces of cars. Police say chop shops have become more mobile, but what goes on inside them is still the same.

"They'll take the property, change it to make it look somewhat different, flip it and put it on Craigslist," says Sgt. Tietjen, "They try to sell it quickly to try and get out from underneath it."

Police add this story is also a warning for people who shop on Craigslist. Officers say you should always question the seller about everything. If someone does come across a post where the seller says they do not have proof of ownership, you should call police right away.

Julio Nunez is in the Madera County Jail and is facing charges for possessing stolen property.