Burglary Victims Invite Crooks To Church

A southwest Fresno couple comes home to find their jewelry and clothes stolen, and that is not all.

More than $10,000 worth of original Air Jordan sneakers were stolen by the crooks -- a collection that has taken years to complete.

Kenneth Harmon began his collection at the age of 15.

Now all he is left with are empty boxes.

The thieves got in by throwing a brick through a side window. Once they were inside, they took the couple's watches, jewelry and even clothes.

Throughout the Kenneth and Vanessa Harmon's home, on the walls, on desks, and even on the floor, you will find verses from the bible and encouraging words.

Words of faith, they say, that teach them to forgive the crooks and even invite them to change their ways.

"You know you are doing wrong and the best thing to is really look at yourself as a person and get involved with a close church around. Basically reach out to get help," Kenneth Harmon said.

Vanessa added, "They need help and need to get on the right path and find Jesus, because he helps people."

But the Harmon's say they are most frustrated with their neighbors.{}

The two said they spoke with their neighbors to see if they heard or saw anything. Several said they did see people inside their home and even heard the sound of glass breaking, yet they failed to do anything.

Police say they need to know about these break-ins to stop them.

The Harmon's plan to invest in an alarm and get a dog.

They also plan to start up a neighborhood watch in their community.