Police: Burglars Caught With Construction Crew Help

A southwest Fresno homeowner is grateful a construction crew remodeling a local church took time out of their busy day to help police nap three burglars.

Just before 11 Tuesday morning, an alarm went off at the home near the corner of Kearney and Fresno street.

When police arrived, two of three crooks took off running.

After a short chase officers say they caught one of them, 36-year-old Sly Batten.

While checking the home police found another, a woman, 36-year-old Ronda Mohammad hiding under the bed.

Homeowner Renea Singleton says, "Behind my bed I saw some shoes, and I was thinking did I leave some shoes behind there. I didn't think anything of it, and then I saw some ankles."

However, police say the third crook, 35-year-old Roland Jason didn't go as easily.

Police say Jason ran across the street to a church under construction and hid his loot under a trailer.

Workers at the church say the man then tried to pretend he was helping. However the builders helped police grab him.

Construction worker Daniel Carrasco says, "He tried to run inside the bathroom, but when it was locked, he just started cleaning up, but I knew he was the guy police were looking for. So we called over the officers."

Construction worker Tony Reyes says, "Practically all of us here, we are part of this community from this church we are working on the church and doing all kind of stuff, making a better place here."

Homeowner Renea Singleton says, "It's great that the community involvement is there, and I'm so thankful that they were able to help."

Police say people getting involved, neighbors helping neighbors made the difference in this case.