Burglar Shoots At Man, SWAT Team Called In

Residents in one Clovis neighborhood got quite a show with their Thanksgiving dinner.

SWAT team members surround a home after a neighbor interrupts a burglary and the crook shoots at him.

For more than 4 hours, police had the home surrounded and the neighborhood blocked off.

With the help of a robot, SWAT team members searched room by room, but in the end it appears the burglar or burglars were able to get out before police arrived to the scene.

Kelly McCaughan says "This is such a quiet neighborhood, I never expected it to be just around the corner from my grandmother's house, and it definitely makes you think twice about leaving your home unattended."

Police cleared the home around 6:30 Thursday evening.

Now the real detective work begins; police are trying to find out who was burglarizing the home.

Police say the owner was a hunter, and the crooks already had a number of guns laid out on a bed, and were in the process of ripping them off.