Burglar Caught: Woman With Gardening Shears Helps Police

A burglar knocked on the door a home in northeast Fresno. The woman inside didn't answer fast enough, so the guy went inside. The two met, and the chase was on.

He hopped fences, ran through neighborhoods, but get this: thanks to a United Parcel Service worker, a neighbor with gardening shears and some construction workers, the burglar is now in police custody.

Ruste Sasser, the woman who happened to be gardening while the chase was happening, said that she felt fortunate that she decided to prune her oleander bushes at that time.

Sasser's good fortune was the misfortune for the burglar because her oleander pruning turned into full-fledged crime fighting when the bad guy came running out of her back yard.

"I am not a fan of criminals and I have no problem chasing down a thug in my neighborhood," she said. "The UPS guys comes around and he says that guys just broke into somebody's house. So, between the UPS guy and myself, we chased him down, not one loop, but the second loop."

Sasser says her northeast Fresno community will be waiting for any future troublemakers as well.

"I'm going to protect my family. I'm going to protect our neighbors. If someone decides to infiltrate our little bubble here, we're going to get together and make sure they're so scared that they don't want to come back," Sasser said. "I hope they tell their friends not to come back because I'm not going to let that fly."

Thankfully, Sasser didn't actually have to use her gardening shears.

Police say that while they are thankful that the community comes to the rescue, they don't always recommend it because you never know what a criminal is capable of.