Bulldogs Land In Hawaii For "Business Trip"

The Fresno State Bulldogs are in Hawaii where they will take on the 0-3 Warriors on Saturday at 9:00 p.m.

Earlier in the week, head football coach, Tim DeRuyter, said it would be a very different experience than the bowl game last season with no time for the beach or parties, just down to business.

That attitude is fine for senior defensive end and Sanger grad, Nikko Motta. "I'm not a real guy that likes to go out or likes to explore things, we do our meetings, we stay focused, we watch some games on TV...we play Cornhole, we play dominoes, things like that, all together. I kind of said some things already on Twitter and said some things to my teammates this morning, doesn't matter who we're playing...last time we played over there we left that place with a sour taste in our mouth. So it doesn't matter if we were playing Alabama or Appalachian State, doesn't really matter who we're playing. We're going there for a football game, and we need to get a win on that island," said Motta.

This is the first road game for the Bulldogs, which has not been kind to them for the past decade and a half. The Dogs are just 4-11 for the past 15 years.