Bug Outbreak: Fleas, Ticks Infest Fresno Neighborhood

People living in a central Fresno neighborhood say a flea and tick outbreak is out of control, and they say a nearby neighbor's yard is the source.

Residents like Maggie Salinas say they feel like prisoners because the blood-sucking pests have infested their yards and bite at everything that walks by.

The renters of that home agree a problem exists.

However, they say the owner of the property will not pay to get it professionally sprayed.

John Martinez said his sister, who's renting the home, had to get rid of her dog because it had become so tick infested.

The renters say they have sprayed themselves, but the fleas come back.

KMPH News reporter Erik Rosales spoke with the owner of the property by phone.

Owner Logan Hernandez said he has given the renters several eviction notices but they refuse to leave.

Martinez says his sister was given nothing.

Hernandez went on to say, "The easiest thing to do is take five gallons of gas, burn the house down and collect the insurance money."

Hernandez then said, "I was so happy to see that Fresno code enforcement officers are losing their jobs because of budget cuts, so there will be less of them to fine me."

Hernandez admitted he owns several properties and code enforcement officers have fined him numerous times.

Meanwhile, Salinas says she will continue to check her dog daily and keep her indoors.

Because of this story, Fresno code enforcement officers do plan to open an investigation. We will continue to follow the story.