"Bug Bomb" Explodes In South Fresno Home

A "bug bomb" turned out to be the real thing at a home in south Fresno on Wednesday.

Firefighters thought they were on their way to a house fire only to find agarage door blown out and windows glass shattered across the grass. It turnsout the homeowners had set off a "bug bomb" in the house to get ridof pests, only it appears they overlooked one thing.

"Yeah, you know what the warnings are right on them and they're a verycommon device used, and many times they can be used improperly with an ignitionsource close by. Folks can get away with it, but I would really recommend thatif you use them in your structure to make sure your pilot lights are all shutoff," said Captain Timothy Pilegard of the Fresno City Fire Department.

Fortunately no one was hurt and firefighters say the house was still in goodcondition despite the size of the explosion.

So what is a "bug bomb" and how do you use it safely?

It's just a can of pesticide with a pull tag on the top so you can set it down,pull it and leave while the pesticide sprays out, settles and does its work.

To do that safely, experts say:

-Read and follow all directions on the label-Use only the number of bug bombs you need for the space you're trying to treat-Cover all food and children's toys before you set it off-And turn off all sources of sparks or flames because they can trigger anexplosion if they meet the pesticide.

Then leave but make sure you wipe off all food prep areas and air out theroom when you come back. Also make sure to store bug bombs and all pesticidessafely out of reach of children.