Children Recovering After Bad Accident at California and Fruit


Two kids are now back home, but three kids are still in the hospital right now after a major crash Friday in southwest Fresno.

Fresno police say the man driving the black Lexus that crashed into the SUV carrying the kids was speeding and blew through a stop sign.

The impact was so strong, some{}of the eight children{}were thrown from the vehicle.

Family members say the three children still in the hospital{}are doing better today.

One will have surgery on his leg tomorrow.



UPDATE: 3/14/14 10:00PM -{}

A witness of the accident says, "They both crashed and when they crashed the kids flew out. A lot of stuff was flying out of the cars, kids too. I saw some kids on the middle of the road."

Another witness says, "Once the car got it kids just scattered everywhere. They flew everywhere, kids with gashes in their head, arms broke, legs and limbs, it's a tragedy."

A tragedy, police say could have been avoided if the driver of a Lexus had never gotten behind the wheel.

Police say the driver of the Lexus was traveling west bound on California at speeds of nearly 71 miles an hour. Police officers{}say they know this because he just past a radar gun. But before a motorcycle officer could pull the car over, the driver in his twenties with 2 others inside the Lexus ran the stop sign at Fruit Avenue. The Lexus slammed into{}the suburban{}with 8 kids inside.

Good Samaritan George Travis says, "I pulled up and saw all these kids scattered around and I started helping. The kids needed that tender loving care right then and there."

Police say before emergency crews could even arrive, Good Samaritans started helping the woman and the children. Some of the kids were on the street after they were ejected from the suburban.

Witnesses say even after the crash, the driver of the Lexus tried to run away. Police say the driver was caught and arrested.

Meanwhile those who were there say they're angry.

Travis says, "You should have stopped and accepted the consequences."

The driver of the Lexus faces a number of charges, along with felony hit and run.

At this time police say drugs and alcohol do not seem to be a factor.


UPDATE: Fresno Police say 12 people were hurt, 7 of those are children from the SUV and some of them were ejected. The driver of the car that police say caused the accident has been arrested for running from the scene, driving with a suspended license and active felony warrant.KMPH reporter, Erik Rosales, will have an interview with a Good Samaritan that saw what happened and helped the children immediately after the crash.

{}There was a bad accident Friday afternoon at California and Fruit in Southwest Fresno Friday afternoon.

Several people, including children, were hurt in the crash.

Those on the scene say some of the injured may have been ejected.

KMPH has a photographer at the scene who says there are at least 6 ambulances with many police and firefighters helping out.

California Avenue is closed to traffic.

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