Bandits Say, "Catch Me If You Can". Police Say, "Ok!"

{}{}{}{} Two bandits are under arrest, police say, after using a gun to commit a string of hold-ups then bragging about it.

{}{}{}{} This surveillance video, taken during one of the robberies, shows the pair walking in then pointing the business end of a gun in the clerk's face.

{}{}{}{} Police say they did the same thing at three other stores late last month, demanded money, then took off.

{}{}{}{} A surveillance camera also took these very clear photos of the two men's faces and, thanks to tips from the public, investigators say Sean Miller and James Wright are now behind bars.

{}{}{}{} Wright was arrested Saturday in Hanford and police caught up to Miller Wednesday in Oak Harbor, Washington where someone overheard Miller talking about the robberies then turned him in.

{}{}{}{} Investigators say the pair also bragged on social media, challenging police to quote-"catch me if you can."

{}{}{}{} {}Police say, they can and they have.