Boy Hit In Face By Flying Bat at Ball Game

When you go to a baseball game, you can expect a foul ball into the crowd, maybe even two.

But a flying bat?

It happened Tuesday night at the Fresno Grizzlies game--twice.

And now, a four-year-old is healing after taking a hit.

The game between the Grizzlies and Salt Lake City Bees was in the 8th inning.

Brennan Boesch was up to bat, already down two strikes, when he released the bat after swinging.

It went flying down the first base line.

"I was looking at the game, down at my phone, and then, next thing you know," says Noelle McIntyre, "the bat hit Jason, who happened to be standing in front of his seat."

She turned, and instantly saw blood, everywhere, on her four-year-old boy.

"I took the wipes to stop the bleeding. Then I realized it took more than just the wipes," she says.

A stadium worker showed up to render first aid.

Moments later, Boesch let another bat fly.

Even the men calling the game, were in disbelief...

"I don't think I've ever seen that happen, on two straight pitches," they said.

The crowd began to haze Boesch.

At the same time, crews were cleaning up and assessing Jason.

McIntyre says Jason kept telling her, " 'I just wanna go home.' I was like, 'Oh my gosh, you just got hit in the face with a bat!' We should take you to the hospital."

Doctors at Children's Hospital in Madera County said Jason was too swollen to take any scans.

Workers from the Grizzlies called to check on Jason.

Boesch wanted to know, too.

Both the team and Boesch say they plan to do something for the boy.

By Wednesday afternoon, you wouldn't guess Jason experienced the hit.

He was having fun with his brothers at Fig Garden Ballpark in Northwest Fresno.

"He's in good spirits and he's feeling good," McIntyre said.

While you could see light bruising, doctors told his Jason's parents they could expect it to be more evident in the next couple of days.

They're also keeping an eye out for nose bleeds.

Thankfully, there haven't been any.

"You can tell he's having a hard time breathing through his nose, which is to be expected. Other than that, he's not complaining of pain," McIntyre says.

Does the family plan to still attend Grizzlies games?

The answer, is yes.

"We'll either sit in the farther section, or up on the balcony," she says.