Boston Bombings: Valley Runners Count Blessings

A valley woman who ran in the Boston Marathon says she is lucky to be alive.

Fresno runner Sally Lovejoy says she stopped to use the rest room during the race, and that prevented her from being injured.

Lovejoy was just a few hundred feet away from the explosions.

Sally Lovejoy says, "I actually stopped at mile 22 to use the bathroom for over a minute, and that would have put me there. I feel lucky and blessed that I wasn't across the finish line."

She says all she wanted to do was finish the race, and didn't even think about stopping when she heard the explosions.

However when the second one went off she stopped and froze.

Fresno runner Steve Monke was on the same flight back to Fresno.

Steve says he was already back at the hotel when he heard the blasts.

Both say their hearts go out to the spectators hurt and killed.

They hope the city of Boston will not let this terrorist act stop them from holding another race.

They and other valley runners plan to show their support by taking part in a run this Sunday, April 21, 2013 starting at seven in the morning.

Runners will gather at Sierra Running Company in northeast Fresno along Fort Washington Road.

The run will be free of charge, but donations will be gathered and all proceeds will go to the Red Cross.