Boston Bombing: Suspect Arrested, Valley Runners Reaction

Here in the valley, runners who took part in the Boston Marathon have been glued to their televisions watching the latest developments in Watertown, Massachusetts.

Since 4 o'clock this morning, Sally Lovejoy from Visalia has been watching the news coverage.

Sally Lovejoy says, "It really does change how you view things when you are there and it happens. When all the things went on in New York I was concerned I was riveted to the TV, but I am not uptight like I am now. I'm so anxious for this to be over."

Sally was less than a 150 feet from the bombs when they exploded.

She says the only reason she escaped the full force of the explosions, she stopped to use the restroom for about a minute.

Sally Lovejoy says, "There are blessing definitely, at the time I wasn't very happy about shutting my time down for a minute or two. But in the end result yeah"

Phil Stovall says, "Our hearts go out and our prayers go out to the families who lost lives, close family members."

Phil Stovall ran the race with his son, matt.

Phil had just crossed the finish line when the explosions went off behind him.

He says now that we are learning more about the 19-year-old suspect and his older brother, Phil says it is forcing us all to be more alert.

Phil says, "I think we are going to have to be more conscious of what's going on around us, and if we see suspicious things we have to report them, and we haven't had to do that in the past."

Matt Stovall says, "Lock him up and throw away the key. A Christian believes someday he will get to know Jesus, but he still has to pay for what he's done to these innocent people."

The runners plan to attend the Boston Marathon next year.