Born To Bite: Fresno Newborn Has Two Teeth

A Fresno mother of four couldn't believe her eyes when her daughter was born in July. {}{}Her six pound bundle of joy apparently was born to bite because she has two bottom teeth.

Dominique Carlos{}gave birth to her first{}daughter Leanna Jaylynn{}on July 8th at Community Regional Medical Center in Fresno.{} "When{}I had her they said that nothing was wrong with her, that she had teeth and{}I kind of did a double look and said okay."

Dominique had heard of newborns being born with teeth but never thought it would happen to one of her kids.{} She discovered thru the Internet that one in three thousand babies are born with teeth.{}

Dr. Don Christensen has been practicing dentistry in Fresno for 38 years.{} "That's very rare even more rare to have two of them than one. {} Sometimes you see one but rarely do you ever see two of them formed."

Dr.{}Christensen{}says baby teeth normally arrive five months after birth and as late as 12 months.{} "We've actually seen several children over the years when the baby teeth come in very early and we've had to do fillings on a baby tooth on a child as early as 6 to 7 months."

Dominique Carlos worried that Leanna might bite herself.{}{}However that hasn't happened in her first seven and a half weeks of life.{} So how did her family react?{} "They're shocked. {} They're like oh she's a special baby and that's what made me do my research cause{}I didn't know how to take that. {} I didn't know if{}I should take it as a compliment."

Dominique is past the shock and realizes Leanna Jaylnn is just like any other baby except for{} two little choppers on the bottom.{}