Bogus PG&E Workers Burglarizing Homes

If PG&E workers come to your door, you may want to ask them some questions.

The Fresno County Sheriff's Office reports some burglars have been posing as workers for the utility providerand they've been able to get inside homes to steal things.

In recent weeks, three Hispanic men have been posing as PG&E workers in the Fresno area.

They are targeting elderly individuals with power lines running across their backyards.{}

In some cases, they have told homeowners that they need to check power lines and breaker boxes because of a recent crash. {}While the homeowner is distracted, a second or third person steals valuable items.

In late September, they stole from a woman in the area of Belmont and Highland Avenues.

In that case, they told the victim they needed to inspect the interior wall sockets and light switches inside her home.

The men have medium builds, are 5'7" to 6' tall, and are clean-shaven.{}

They were wearing blue jeans and white T-shirts.{} One man was even wearing an orange-colored vest.

Two vehicles have also been spotted: one is a brown-colored, full-size pick-up truck. The second is a green-colored, full-size SUV.

The Sheriff's Office insists you ask any representative to show identification.

But, should you feel uncomfortable, contact law enforcement immediately.{}