Bobcat In The City, Kills Family Pet

"Right in the middle of the city in Fresno, having a bobcat in your front yard is just amazing," Naomi Hendrix said.

Hendrix couldn't believe her eyes when she walked outside her Tower District home Thursday morning to see what was causing so much noise.

"It was 32 inches or so long and I would say probably 17, 18 inches tall," Hendrix said. "I first knew it had to be a bobcat because it was so big. But it looked just like a cat though."

It didn't sound like a cat though.

"That's when I really realized, I knew it had to be a wild animal because it growled this humongous, really deep, low growl to my cat," Hendrix said.

In the bobcat's mouth was Naomi's pet rabbit. He'd killed it just moments earlier.

"Although I was afraid and I was shaking, I was more afraid for my other animals. I thought it would turn on them," she said.

Naomi says after she saw the bobcat with her rabbit, he took the rabbit over to their side yard, where he proceeded to eat on it for about 20 minutes.

But then he got spooked and jumped over Naomi's ten-foot fence and went into the neighborhood.

"I went back into the house to call the SPCA. And they had a little bit of an issue," Hendrix said.

Naomi says the SPCA wouldn't come out because the employee didn't believe her since they'd apparently had so many false bobcat sightings lately.

"I was just calling because this was happening to me. So I had to end up calling 911 to have somebody come out because I couldn't get anybody," she said.

About that time, the noises started again. Naomi went outside and the bobcat was back eating the rabbit.

"It was a little scary because I have grandchildren, I have two grandsons and they play in this yard, this is what we do. It was really scary," Hendrix said.

The SPCA eventually did come out and the Department of Fish and Game trapped the one-year-old bobcat, used a tranquillizer and took it back to its office.

Around 3:30 Thursday afternoon, it was released back into the wild in northeast Fresno County.

Naomi tells KMPH News, the Department of Fish and Game told her, the bobcat more than likely targeted her house because it could smell her animals and the compost she uses to feed them and for her garden.

She says she'll probably get another rabbit to keep the other one that wasn't hurt company.