BMX Parks Plans To Fight Back Against Rampant Thefts

A BMX park in Fresno is shown here.

Thieves have stolen more than $3,000 worth of equipment -- including nine donated bikes -- from a Hanford BMX park in the last four months.{}

Hanford Community Park was recently hit by thieves for the third time this year, leaving many children without a bike to ride.

"Stop stealing stuff from people you don't know and stop stealing stuff when you don't know what it is," said a 9 year old who visits the park to ride.

The park's track operator, Phillip Alonzo, says he's disgusted by the kind of people who would purposely steal from little kids.

"Don't come out and shake my hand and rob me later. Think of it as your kid getting their bike stolen and you having to go out and look for your kid's bike and your kid is crying," Alonzo said.

Alonzo said the thefts in the area seems to be increasing. And the cost to replace the bikes and the equipment is quickly adding up.{}

So, with the help of the community, the park says it plans to crack down on the criminal activity.

Better lighting, more secure locks and security cameras are just a few of the things the park plans on doing to make sure that the kids keep their bikes.

Anyone with information on the missing equipment is asked to call the Hanford Police Department at 585 - 2540.