Bikes Repaired For Free In Pinedale

People living in Pinedale woke up to a great offer Saturday morning. {}A local church put together a farmers market at discounted prices, while a non-profit group fixed their kids bikes for free. {}{}

It was one stop shopping and repair at the Pinedale Boys and Girls Club.{} The non-profit group "Off The Front"{}set up several repair{}stations to work on bikes.{} Anastasia Hernandez had some serious problems with her front tire. "The tube was off and like the tire was pulled off." Soon it was as good as new. {}

The Well Church in Fresno{}was responsible for rounding up 25-hundred pounds of fresh fruit.{} Local farmers answered the call and the produce was sold at discount prices.{}

Kathy Vue with the Pinedale Boys and Girls Club says the farmers market was a hit.{}{}"Everyone is real excited about the figs.{}{}Everyone's real excited about pistachios because in the regular markets it's very expensive.{} By having it affordable here the community has been very responsive and positive to that."

Shoppers got a chance to taste test the fruit. {} They also got to go home with a free pumpkin.