Bikers Bearing Christmas Gifts Deliver To Needy Kids In Tulare

There was a motorcycle invasion in the South Valley community of Tulare Saturday. Their leader was a jolly old fat man dressed in red.

The leader of the pack in red is Rick Allison. He owns American Thunder, a motorcycle accessory shop in Tulare. Rick started delivering Christmas gifts to needy kids in Tulare 35 years ago. "We're putting food in their mouths and clothes on their backs trying to make a merry Christmas out of it. Putting a smile on a child's face, that's what it's all about."

Rick Allison and 300 of his biker buddies hit the streets around noon ready to put smiles on kids faces. "Hi Milton we have something for you. You a Raider fan? Yeah."

Milton Davis got a brand new bike and a skateboard too. Milton's Dad passed away in June and his Mom Mara was very appreciative. "Thank you very much; it made his year."

Santa and his hog riding elves loaded the pickup with toys for girls and boys. Every stop was a happy experience. The Hernandez kids heard the bikers coming and didn't know what to expect. "It's an earthquake, it's an earthquake. Everybody got under the bed."

Allison and a number of Tulare businesses have been making Christmas wishes come true for deserving kids for the past eighteen years. "I can't count on two hands how many times we've just cried because the kids are just so excited. They're even speechless themselves."

The Perez children weren't expecting presents before Christmas. "You want to un-wrap this stuff? Un-wrap it, un-wrap... come on let's go"

The generosity brought their mother Priscilla to tears. "Oh my God. I said wow all this for my kids and my other kids it's a blessing for all these people here to donate presents for Christmas. It's a blessing."

Roughly 40 children were showered with gifts Saturday. The families received a gift card for food and another to outfit each child with a new pair of shoes.