Big Rig Crash Ties Up Highway 99: Fresno Driver Involved

Highway 99 is back open through Kern County, after a fiery crash that involved a big rig from Fresno.

Officers say the big rig had been hauling hundreds of gallons of gasoline from Fresno to Tehachapi, when it overturned near the Highway 65 overpass, around 4 a.m.

Mayra Montano told our sister station, KBAK, that she saw the big rig driver lose control.

She pulled over to help the driver escape the cab.

"When I jumped back, I heard him yelling help, help, help... I jumped, I grabbed him, put him in my car and we stopped on the exit on 7th standard called an ambulance," she says.

Highway Patrol Officers say the driver had some broken ribs and was hurt in the head.

A stretch of Highway 99 was shut down for about ten hours.

Firefighters chose to let the fire burn out.

They also had to inspect the overpass to make sure it was structurally sound.