Big Pay Raises For Fresno County Top Brass, Supervisors OK!

What if you got offered a $35,000 raise at work?

However, what if the people working under you are still dealing with a 9 percent pay cut that is the dilemma Fresno County Board of Supervisors created with a vote Monday afternoon.

By a vote of 3 to 2, Fresno County Supervisors approved pay raises for department heads and management in Fresno County.

Supervisor Henry Perea and Board Chairman Andres Borgeas opposed the plan.

Pearea says, "It's really hard to fathom the decision that we made today. When you think about money is better but it is not great. When you think about employees with 9 percent pay cuts through out the entire work force, and when you take just a handful of employees and say you deserve more money but others do not. It makes no sense to me."

Supervisor Perea says he believes it's an attempt at retirement spiking for top managers who are nearing retirement.

Perea says, "That's exactly what we did today for at least two of the top level employees of this county. We spiked their pay to the tune of $20,000 to $30,000."

Perea is talking about the nearly $35,000 raise for Fresno County Administrative Officer John Navarrette, who was making nearly $179,000, but come Monday will make more than $213,000.

Fresno County Counsel Kevin Briggs got a $15,000 raise is now making nearly $170,000.

Even the County Librarian got a raise of more than $5,000 and is now making more than $121,000.

Supervisor Phil Larson says, "I supported it for the simple reason they have to have raises, one of them was quite high and I understand that. But compared to other counties he's still down from the top counties."

Supervisors Phil Larson, Debbie Poochigian, and Judy Case McNairy, all supported the raises.

Larson says the county must be competitive to keep capable people.

The pay raises will go in effect come Monday.