Big Changes For Your Favorite Cheese

Can you imagine your favorite cheese getting a different name? Cheddar, Brie, Gouda all being forced to have a different name? Here's why:

The European Union is trying to stop US cheese makers from using regional names for cheese.

It would include Brie, Parmesan and Gruyere, just to name a few cheeses that have ties to different European locations.

Critics say renaming cheese isn't practical. For example, {}Cheddar is named after a region in the UK ... But it's made in many places around the world, including here in California.

Critics argue that the move is less about regional pride and more about competition.

Last year the US became the world's biggest exporter of cheese.

The same thing happened with sparkling wine (you probably call it Champagne.) Only sparkling wine made in the Champagne region of France is allowed to be called Champagne. That rule was made a really long time ago - 1891 to be exact.