Bieber Fever Takes Back Seat To Hunger: Girl Raffles Concert Tickets

A nine-year-old Fresno girl wants to help people who have little to eat, morning, noon or night. Now she's hoping to cash in on Bieber fever in Fresno to help her cause.

The two concert tickets were a birthday present and a{}dream gift for any nine year old. But Aarynn DeLeon has seen too many hungry people on the streets, so she created a five dollar raffle to benefit the Community Food Bank

Aarynn{}is only in the fourth grade but the{}young lady sees the big picture when it comes to hunger in the Fresno. "Almost on every corner{}I see people who are asking for food or money to feed themselves. And there are a lot of people who go to bed starving."

Aarynn decided to give up Bieber fever to help the hungry. She's raffling her two concert tickets for five dollars a chance.

She and her Dad Reggie hope to sell one thousand tickets to raise 5-thousand dollars for the Community Food Bank. "What's going on Craigslist and eBay people can't afford it. And there are a lot of young people who want to go. So we figured if we made the tickets affordable and had a nice little package that more people would be interested in trying to purchase the tickets."

The lucky winner{}gets two tickets in section 209, row K, seats 13 and 14{}for the sold out concert October 5th. To sweeten the raffle the DeLeons also got Studio Bella Rouge in Clovis to toss in a hair cut and style. Cask and Cork Bistro Pourhouse in northeast Fresno added dinner for two.

Aarynn's classmates question her decision. "My friends say that{}I might be crazy to give out Justin Bieber tickets. And they're all sold out so they think I'm cuckoo."

Her dad doesn't think she's cuckoo. He's touched by her commitment. "I'm very proud of her. She's very special and she likes to help other people."{}Raffle tickets are only five bucks. You can buy them online at the Community Food Bank website.

Buy raffle tickets here:

The drawing will be held Sunday, October 1st, at 7 p.m. at the "Cask and Cork Bistro" in northeast Fresno.