Bicyclist Dies After Fresno PD Car & Bicyclist Collide In Alley

Fresno Police are investigating a collision involving a bicyclist and a Fresno PD car that left the bicyclist dead.Police say the incident started around 7:30 p.m. Friday near the intersection of Princeton & Glenn in central Fresno.{} Fresno PD Chief Jerry Dyer says two officers riding in the same car spotted a pair of bicyclists and tried to stop them when one of the bicyclists -- a man in his 30's -- took off.{} That's when, Dyer says, one officer got out of the car to stop one bicyclist, while the other officer continued in the car to chase the other bicyclist who was trying to get away down an alley near Del Mar and Harvard.{} Moments later, the patrol car hit the bicyclist in the alley.Video shot by KMPH News shows the bicycle underneath the Fresno PD unit.{} Dyer says the impact killed the bicyclist.{} Both of the officers involved were taken to Fresno Police headquarters to be questioned.KMPH News will continue to follow this developing story.