Behind Bars: Violent Criminal Arrested, Fresno Police Say

Fresno Police say one of the area's most violent criminals is behind bars.

Fresno Police staked out an east Fresno apartment complex after a receiving a Crime Stoppers tip saying that's where officers would find Robert Murrillo.

"He's armed and dangerous. He's a danger to the community," said Fresno Police Department Sgt. Timothy Tietjen.

Police surround an apartment with Murillo and another man, Alfonso Ramos, inside.

Both men, armed with guns, attempted to run away, police said. Ramos' gun was loaded.

"I'm thinking if he would have had the opportunity, he would have used it against police officers," Tietjen said.

Ramos ran right into officers, so police say he turned around and barricaded himself in the apartment. Officers say they got him to come out and arrested three people, including Ramos and Murillo.

Police say while they were making the bust, they found a license plate from a stolen car, drug paraphernalia and keys that had been shaved down and used to break into cars.

"In my opinion if Mr. Murillo was not caught and arrested today, over the weekend he could have been involved in numerous violent crimes that could of really affected the community," said Tietjen, who added that the men have been accused of stealing as many as six cars a night.