Bed Bugs Invade Fresno Apartment Building

People who live in a Downtown Fresno apartment building say it's infested with bed bugs. They say they're frustrated and disgusted by the situation at 'Masten Towers'.

"Do you know how frustrating it is to go into your house, and you see your clothes in a bag, and you don't have a bed?" asks Mary Martinez, who has bed bugs.

Mary Martinez says she says she had to throw her brand new mattress away after she found bed bugs. She's been sleeping on an air mattress but it popped, so Martinez is sleeping on the floor.

"I had a break down at the store yesterday," adds Martinez, "I'm not a dirty person, and my mother taught me better."

Several other people who live at 'Masten Towers' shared their stories about bed bugs with KMPH Fox 26 News. One lady showed our news crew how she has bed bug bites all over her body. She says her apartment has been sprayed four times but nothing works. Something Martinez doesn't understand.

"The bed bugs are like, "Ha-ha we're still here!" You know something has to be done," says Martinez.

Paul Gfroerer, who has not worked with 'Masten Towers', says bed bugs are very difficult to get rid of.

"They hide for most of their lives. Also, they're real sketchy about trying to slide into cracks and crevices," says Paul Gfroerer from 'Delk Pest Control.'

He says there are three options, fumigate, do a heat treatment, or a steam treatment with chemicals.

As for Martinez, she says that she hopes something is done soon.

"It's not fair that we have to live like this. We're old, not dead, we're disabled, we feel, we breathe like everybody else, where's the compassion for us," says Martinez.

KMPH Fox 26 News called 'Masten Towers' to find out what else they are doing to get rid of the bed bugs. The security guard who answered the phone said no one from management was there.