Bed Bugs Force Lodi Theater To Temporarily Close Down

Nicole Comstock ReportingA movie theater in Lodi is now temporarily closed after several people complained of being bitten by bed bugs.Movie goers said they were covered in red bumps on their arms, legs and back the day after they went to the Lodi Stadium 12 movie theater.They were shocked to find out they were scratching at the tracks of bedbugs."You shouldn't have to worry about bugs at your local theater," said one of the movie goers.Matthew Wendt reported the bites to the manager of the theater but says another audience was allowed to sit in the same seats.Wendt said: "At around two, when the movie got out, he called me and said they actually found bed bugs inside the theater."Stephanie Booth says bed bugs bit her here three weeks earlier when she brought her daughter to the movies. "I wish they would have told us about it or put up a public notice," said Booth.The theater did put up a public notice on Sunday after Wendt says he wrote about the bites on Facebook. "It went kind of viral and when it got really big that's when they closed the whole theater down," said Wendt.