Bear Killed By Hit and Run Driver Near North Fork

{}A bear is hit and killed by a car and the driver is nowhere to be found. The accident happened Tuesday night near North Fork. Witnesses say the female bear was with her cub that ran up a tree after the accident.

"When we loose a bear it's a sad situation," say Ronald Brix who lives close to the accident scene.

Even though the driver left the scene of the accident, there will be no justice for the bear. California law says if a driver hits a bear they do not have to stop and they do not have to report the accident.

The bear was on the side of the road for 14 hours before the Department of Fish and Wildlife showed up. Once at the scene, officers started to investigate the accident and look for the cub in the trees, but it was nowhere to be found. They also left the bear in a nearby field.

"When I saw Fish and Game leave I thought they had taken the bear with them," says John-Mark Brix, "Then I followed the tire tracks out here and I saw they brought the bear out into the field."

For now, the bear is still in the field and its cub is missing.