Bass Lake Fishing Derby: Big Money On The Line

Organizers of the Bass Lake Fishing Derby are expecting 600-800 anglers this weekend hoping to cash in on two $10,000 prizes.{} In all there are 1,002 prizes swimming in the lake right now waiting to be hooked.{} The game fish are all trout.{} They were dropped in the lake Friday morning.Last year one of the top prizes was caught near the dam by an 82 year old fisherman from Clovis.{} That's the deepest part of the lake roughly 175 feet to the bottom.{} Ken Roberts has been fishing in the derby for more than twenty years.{} He had a profitable weekend in 2013.{} "Last year we won three $100 prizes and five $20 prizes so that's 400 dollars."Roberts says he uses different lures and night crawlers to catch trout.{} Fishing conditions are said to be ideal.{} The water is seven to eight feet below normal but people around the docks say the fish have been biting lately.{} Every game fish is tagged.{} This weekend at Bass Lake Mike Peal says{}that's the first thing you look for once you hook a trout.{} "You start thinking the second that line hits the water.{} You're thinking is this the time because you don't know what's gonna come up."Besides the two 10-thousand dollar grand prizes there's also a $5,000 fish.{} 150 trout are worth $100 and 849 tagged trout worth $20.{} Registration is $25 and the deadline is Saturday morning at 9:00 a.m.