Ban Assault Weapons And Check Background: President Obama Wants New Rules

President Barack Obama told Americans on Wednesday that Congress isn't doing its job, is too beholden to special interests, and it's time he acts strongly to move toward tighter rules governing American gun ownership.

The President and Vice President Joe Biden both spoke in a morning news conference that was carried live by most major news networks.{} The President called for a ban on all "assault weapons", and for mandatory background checks for anyone buying a gun in the United States.

The President invited an audience that included relatives of some of the children killed in the shootings at Sandy Hook Elementary School in Connecticut.

Among other things, his plan includes a call for Congress to bring back a ban on assault weapons that ran out in 2004.{} He also called for closing the loophole in gun laws that allows easier sales and fewer checks when people buy or sell at gun shows.{} Recent investigations have shown that dealers and private individuals often sell weapons out of the trunks of cars at gun shows without asking for ID of any kind, and that exhibitors at sales sometimes don't follow laws already on the books regarding ID.

The President also announced that he will use "Executive Orders" to enact 23 steps, including offers to schools to put more officers inside school buildings, and immediately tightening up background checks.

Social media are going nuts after the announcement.{} The KMPH Facebook page has several hundred comments, including Chris Perez who posts:{} Obama wants to accomplish 2 goals:1. To disarm the American ppl so we cannot defend ourselves in the coming Police State2. To sell those guns and ammo in "Fast & Furious 2-The Sequel.Also, I do not believe that MOST Americans want stricter gun laws!

posted I was raised with guns. Its all about respecting the tool, & life. Obviously something ha to be done because too many ppl are being hurt. Unfortunately ppl aren't teaching respect to the new generations like they used to.

posted: The president is usurping the constitution and congress and attempting to make law illegally. this needs to be stopped. What is an assault rifle? Where is the AR15 supposedly used in Newtown? I would rather have my 9mm in my hand when needed than a phone waiting on 911.

Says it will fight implementation of any gun control measure, and says it is confident it has enough influence inside Congress to block the President's proposals.