Baggage Handlers At Fresno Airport Accused of Stealing

A Valley health leader claims baggage handlers at the Fresno Airport have sticky fingers and they took her jewelry worth $5,000.{} Colleen Curtis is CEO for United Health Centers of the San Joaquin Valley.

On March 23rd she says she checked{}a bag at the Fresno Airport and it was booked all the way to Washington D.C.{}{}"I put my leather case and my jewelry in the bag that was being shipped.{} When I got to the hotel I opened my bag, the zipper{}part was all unzipped and so I immediately went, 'oh no' and of course it wasn't there," said Curtis.

Curtis says she lost approximately 20 pieces of jewelry, rings, necklaces, earrings and two watches, which she valued at $5,000.{}{}She reported the theft to United Airlines.{} She was given a claim number and told to file an itemized report which she has yet to complete.

But word did not filter back to the Fresno Airport of the loss. When KMPH Fox 26{}News contacted airport security, they were unaware of any problem.{}

But Thursday afternoon{}a TSA spokesperson in Los Angeles contacted KMPH News to say it has security video from March 23rd the day Curtis traveled to Washington D.C.{} He says the TSA plans to review the tape of{}Colleen Curtis' bag being handled in Fresno.

Curtis was pleased.{} "We buy tickets, we pay for the service and they steal our stuff.{} That's wrong.{} Somebody needs to hear it and start taking some action on it," said Curtis.

Officials at the Fresno Airport weren't willing to comment because no formal complaint has been filed with United Airlines or Fresno Airport{}Police so far.{}{}