Bad For Business: Shaw Avenue Gas Leak

Dozens of businesses on east Shaw Avenue were believed to be in harms way due to Friday morning's gas leak, so P.G.& E. shut off their power.{} The day long{}shut down{}impacted businesses between First and Sixth streets.

Shaw Avenue was a ghost town all day long.{} Gas was still leaking from a six inch steel pipe at the accident site, so most nearby businesses were evacuated.{}{}Central California Blood Center on east Shaw is normally open between 8 and 6 on Friday's but due to Friday's power outage{}it was{}closed.

conditions were less than ideal for Laura Rios at Fox Company Management.{}{}"I had to park about a block away and walk to work. {} We're actually working in the dark right now until they come and ask us to vacate the property. {} It's been a little bit of a headache with the fumes and such."

The big concern down{}the stretch of Shaw was fear of an explosion. {} Fresno fire said the flip of a light switch or a car backfiring could set it off.{}{}{}P.G & E. crews closely monitored gas levels all day on the south side of Shaw near the leak.{}{}"So we're a long way from any kind of danger."

Atazz Technical Services of Sacramento which{}P.G.&E. says was operating without a permit and is responsible for the gas leak now faces a hefty tab. Fresno Fire says its bill for services is at least 30-thousand dollars.{} P.G.& E. and impacted businesses along Shaw are also in line for damages.