Baby Geese In Danger, No Water Available!

People who live near a central Fresno ponding basin are concerned for the health of a flock of baby geese. The geese are too young to fly and the Fresno Metropolitan Flood Control District drained all the water out of the basin. The flood control district say in order to keep the basin's groundwater recharge performing at its peak, every few years crews have to drain the basins. Crews then remove the fine layer of sediment that builds up on the basin floor. Crews understand wildlife use the ponds, but say this must be done. Meanwhile many like Greg Gorham are concerned for the geese. Gorham says, "Earlier my wife and I were driving by and I didn't realize they drained the pond completely. Then I saw 16 little baby geese over here and they are trying to eat stuff and they have no water." The basin is located on Valentine just north of Ashlan in Fresno. The flood control district is planning to place several kiddy pools for the geese. It is also working with the Department of Fish and Game to make sure the geese survive.