Baby Geese And Ducks Left High And Dry In NW Fresno


A northwest Fresno ponding basin has been drained for scheduled maintenance. {} But neighbors are concerned about the welfare of baby geese and ducks.

Geese and their goslings{}don't seem to be{}fond of triple digit heat.{} In recent days they've watched the ponding basin at Bullard and Forkner turn into a muddy mess.{} Area residents like Cheryl Richards{}are upset.{}{}"It's in the middle of mating season and there's 45-to-50 babies out there... baby geese and baby ducks.

Cynthia Mora has also been keeping an eye on the geese and ducks. {} She too isn't happy with the Fresno Metropolitan Flood Control District.{} "Basically just a lack of compassion that we are seeing."

The Fresno Metropolitan Flood Control District says the maintenance is necessary to remove the top layer of dirt that has washed into the ponding basin.{} It says the buildup can become toxic if ignored. {} The project is expected to be completed by the end of the month.

The{}district has placed a few wading pools around the perimeter but{}the amount of water{}doesn't add up to much.{}{}It also put up a few shade structures but it seems the birds are eating and stretching their legs on the eastside of the basin not the west.

Cynthia Mora checks on them everyday.{} "They need shelter. {} They're grazers they need protection from avian predators so my concern is that{}I don't want Fresno to be thought of as a town without compassion."

Neighbors are so concerned about the geese and ducks finding enough to eat that they're feeing them corn meal to help them get by.

Once the project is completed the flood control district says{}sprinkler runoff in the neighborhood will be diverted to the ponding basin.