Baby Found Dead in Madera, 17 Year Old Girl Arrested

UPDATE: The Madera County Sheriff's Office has been advised that the 17 year old girl accused of killing her new born is to be charged as an adult.

Gloria Mendoza Santos is scheduled to appear in Madera County Superior Court Thursday.

A horrific story out of Madera county, where deputies say a 17 year old girl is behind bars, charged with murder.

A newborn baby was found wrapped in a plastic bag, stuffed in a cabinet below a bathroom sink.

Deputies say the girl showed up at a hospital last Friday suffering from post-partum bleeding.

Though she denied giving birth, deputies found where she was staying and searched the home, eventually finding the baby.

Deputies say the girl arrived in Madera from Mexico just three days before giving birth.

She told them the baby was already dead when she delivered it.

Deputies say autopsy results show the baby was alive when born, and then murdered.

The girl is being held in the Madera county juvenile hall facing murder charges.