Baby Abandoned At Fresno Gas Station

A couple from Los Angeles could be facing child endangerment charges after Fresno Police say they abandoned a 6-month-old girl Thursday morning at a Southwest Fresno gas station.

The baby's father told police the child's mother didn't want anything to do with the child, so he planned to bring the baby to his girlfriend in Fresno.

However, the girlfriend was in the hospital and made arrangements for another couple to pick up the child.

They met the father at a gas station, off Jensen and Elm avenues, and the man left the baby with them.

Police say the couple did not know the man.

The father later called the couple asking for the child back. Instead, they called police.

Police took the girl to Children's Hospital in Madera County for an evaluation.

The child had not been harmed and was placed in protective custody.

Police have since been in contact with the baby's mother.

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